Llandeilo – An Idyllic Welsh Market Town in the heart of Carmarthenshire

Llandeilo, in Carmarthenshire is a pretty, colourful painted town, surrounded by stunning countryside.  We visited on a rather bleak and rainy day and yet the town still looked charming and bright.

Llandeilo street view

Its high street is dotted with charming independent shops, with barely a chain in sight. From art galleries, antiques, home interiors and clothes boutiques there was plenty there to have a browse around.

Llandeilo Shops in cul-de-sac

Every shop really took pride in their window dressings, so much so, it was like wandering round a quaint rural French town.

Llandeilo Shopping for unique gift

Our little ones loved the toy shop too, a small independent shop selling a good selection of traditional type toys.

We ate at the cosy Angel Inn, which is a dog friendly pub, serving both snacks and larger meals. As we were eating out in the evening we chose from the lighter bites menu.

Llandeilo angel hotel

The curried cauliflower soup was delicious, very smooth with just the right amount of spice.   The childrens meals were of good quality too with juicy fat sausages and tender rump steak.  Service was busy, and sometimes a little slow, but the front of house was friendly and efficient.  It’s a very rustic pub and the atmosphere was lovely and cosy.

The Cawdor, sister hotel to Morgans in Swansea, was also a lovely place to stay or to stop off for a drink or a bite to eat.

The town of Llandeilo is definitely worth a visit and makes for a very pleasant detour if you are in the area around Carmarthen.  If you’re visiting Wales its a lovely place to head, as with it being in the heart of Carmarthenshire you’re sure to hear the Welsh language, with its lovely lilts and rhythms.

Our last stop before hitting the road was at the butchers where we bought some locally sourced beef for our Sunday dinner the next day which was very tender.

Llandeilo family butchers

We came back from Llandeilo, via Ammanford, as from there you can return to Swansea and the M4 over the Mynedd y Bettws mountain, part of the Black Mountain.  This trip will reward you with the most magnificent and breathtaking views of the wind farm and mountainous scenery.  If the weather is kind, there is a lookout spot which is perfect for a picnic stop.

Have you been to Llandeilo?  Would love to hear your thoughts on the area in the comments below.

Llandeilo road home wild white horses

Llandeilo road home what a view

Llandeilo road home 2



9 thoughts on “Llandeilo – An Idyllic Welsh Market Town in the heart of Carmarthenshire

  1. I used to work in the town secondary school and my youngest son is still in the school there. We live in a small village just outside the town.

    It is a beautiful area we are very fortunate to call it home.

    Sarah | WildDunk Camping

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love llandeilo, my dad lived there and I still know people even though I visit less than I would like to. It’s utterly charming, beautiful coloured houses and wonderful architecture from large Georgian residences to early Victorian cottages and pretty terraces. The shops are lovely too. I’ve heard Llandeilo referred to as the Chelsea of Wales! It’s certainly stylish and lively. Ilove the gin haus, the antiques barn and the Cawdor Hotel.

    Liked by 1 person

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