Leicesters -Family Friendly Fine Dining!


19 thoughts on “Leicesters -Family Friendly Fine Dining!

  1. The food looks and sounds wonderful. Certainly a menu worthy of several stars.
    I’m so glad you also managed to enjoy your evening, regardless of the uncomfortable start. I’ve been in that position myself and just wanted the floor to swallow me up. I’ve had rude comments said directly to me, and behind my back and I just felt like it wasn’t worth staying. But children are allowed to dine out too, and in the end, this sounds like a lovely place to be. Bravo!


    1. I know, I certainly wanted to be swallowed up at the time. We’ve had several meals with us taking it in turns to be outside with the naughty one, and then I wonder why we bother! But then sometimes it goes so well and it’s just so lovely to all be out together enjoying good food!


  2. Glad to hear there were no disapproving looks, I always sympathise as I am never think I can manage it myself. Glad to hear you had a good deal, surprised about the starter on the stones lol

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  3. What a beautiful place! My daughters father works in a Michelin star restaurant and I worked in fine dining restaurants for years before and when I was pregnant. We have such a palette for beautiful food now, so our poor daughter has been taken to restaurants like this since she was a newborn.

    She is so well behaved though (we’ve had one or two tantrums) and I never go back to a restaurant if the staff look uncomfortable that there is a little one there. It makes such a difference when the staff don’t bat an eyelid at the slightest cry out, because you do always try your best to be wary of other diners.

    This food looks absolutely gorgeous. I love the look of the scallops and seabass and the duck dish sounds so delicious. I wish this was closer to us, we’d try it in a heartbeat. What a lovely touch to have little truffles as a gift as well! xx

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    1. That must have been a wonderful experience to work in such lovely restaurants. You’re right it makes such a difference when they accept children and appreciate that you are making an effort to silence them rather than being disapproving. We will definitely go back πŸ™‚


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